Brian^2 from Team Prion FRC 3215 presented the FRC Kit of Parts that FRC teams receive at kickoff.

In the workshop we covered what will arrive in the Kit of Parts that Rookie Teams receive.

What Brian^2 had on the screen:
The kit of parts checklist that each team needs to inventory upon recieving. Kit of Parts Checklist

Update: 2013 Kit of Parts (KOP)

Things to consider and keep in mind that were mentioned:

  • Get Help from Veteran Teams and anybody willing
  • Focus on Getting the Base Kit Linked up and rolling
  • Follow the getting started guide line for line.
    • Weird problems will occur and be difficult to debug if you skip steps.
  • Explore the Kit of Parts thoroughly for resources
  • There are a lot of vouchers for free stuff! Find and use
  • There area lot of extra parts that will come with the KOP
  • Bumpers should not be an after thought
  • Build your robot to survive falling over
    • Kick Test
  • Protect your wires and electronics
    • Mesh shields
    • PolyCarbonate shields
  • Make sure your radio isn't obscured by your robot structure
  • The Main Circuit breaker must be easily accessible
  • Look for YouTube video's of how other teams have solved common problems for previous year challenges
  • Buy extra Batteries and Battery Chargers for the Tournament
  • FIRST Choice free stuff
    • make selections early because first come first serve

Resources Mentioned:
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Getting Started Pages:DSC_0069.JPG
Electronics and Radio(Router) Setup
Document for Control System
AndyMark Mechanical Base
Base Kit Home Page
Assembly Instructions

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