All thing helping the Balance Challenge

Just a thought but putting a Gyroscope on your robot should allow you a more definate way than just judgement to tell if the bridge is within the 5 degrees of balanced

This is some thing that I thought of when a ramp was mentioned from my team mate Kyle. Was that if your robot had a ramp that would help a bot get on yours to make is possible to get 3 robots balanced at once.
-What if you used the actual bridges to do this? If you were on one side of the ramp could they drive from the bridge on to your robot (while the edge of your robot supports the ramp to keep it level) when you could then hopefully depress the ramp and climb up as a robot stack?

So I was thinking about how difficult it was going to be to actually balance the robot. I think I have come up with something that could help. We have a button on the joystick that when would make the robot controls less sensitive. So when the joystick is pushed all the way forward instead of the robot going forward with 100% power forward it would go forward with only 25% power. The actual percent can be tweaked but I was just wondering if you guys thought this would be helpful?

I was just thinking the same thing and that sound like a good idea or even less power then 25% but that is some thing to test. I also think(to make Justin eat his hat*) that if we want to try at all to get 3 bots on one bridge at the same time then our robot go side ways but I do not know if there is enough room if we do that.(the side ways bot would have to be in the middle for balance)
*(our mentor said if some one got 3 bots on the bridge and have it balance at one point in a game that he would eat his hat)