Overall Comments

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From Linda, Coach 3459:
Overall it was great. I think next year will be easier with people knowing what to expect. There was a lot of confusion about what was involved. It would help to have all the teams involved in the Human Player Game to meet at 12:00 for 10 minutes of instruction before they break for lunch -- where to meet, etc. Having a projector/screen for the 1:30 time period to agree on rules of the game, project a quick PowerPoint would be very helpful. Making sure people knew there were paper copies of the rules (basically field diagram and the section on "The Game" for those who didn't have electronic copies would have helped some teams strategize better. And, name tags for the entire teams watching/being involved to encourage community.

From Nina, Coach 587:
I thought it was great. My first suggestion is to preset the alliances with maybe four teams/alliance. Don't wait for the sign up at the event. I would do one run through and talk about it. Then maybe break the group into smaller groups of ten or so to brainstorm with a recorder for each group. These brainstorm notes could be added to the wiki.

Just set up a group of four or five teams and then have those teams gather in a certain place to figure out the field teams themselves. We could put up a sign that says Group A 587/hawkimus/pyrotech/triple Strange here. Group B here.

Don't worry about doing more than one practice field team from each FIRST FRC team. Let those fours teams figure it out themselves in the smaller areas of the arena. The grouping could be released on a piece of paper at the sign in.
We could have a place for people to meet if they want to sub into the field. More people will do it next year since they have seen it once.

I hope you are counting on us for the help as well. We are definitely in for that.