2012 Human Player Documents and Comments for Next Time

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Here are all the documents, schedules, etc. used for the 2012 Human Player Game. Feel free to add any comments or suggestions to it.

Handouts for Kick Off:

2012 Kick Off Human Player Game Handout:
Handout for teams to take with them explaining the day's schedule

Team sign in
There seemed to be a bit of confusion regarding 'brainstorming' after the animation video versus 'human player game'.

Volunteer sign in
Thank you to the many people who signed up to volunteer. There were several positions that ended up going away due to the way the game ended up being played. This took effort and patience from everybody who participated.

Condensed Volunteer Schedule

Mentor team sign in
Having mentors play the game was good except they had other duties and were in and out. Might have made more of an impact to have a full "Mentor Alliance" instead of a single team. Also, mentors play different roles on different teams so the willingness of some students to play against their teachers was not always easy.

Evaluation Survey
Survey to see how it went. (Check out the results!)


NC FRC team map
Our plan was to use this information paired with team sign-ups to created mixed alliances with various levels of experience and like geographical locations. This did not work as planned due to new teams added on Sat morning, several teams deciding not to sign up on Sat and several teams with earlier than 5pm departure times.

Alliance Assignments (page 2 has the data once we are ready to publish)
This is where the planned Alliance Assignments fell apart due to last minute changes/confusion on Saturday. Thanks for all who made it work anyway. It would be greatly helpful to have a more precise sign up by teams with the numbers expected to participate in the HPG, departure times, mentors willing to play on mentor team/alliance, volunteers available...

Forms for embedding into wiki

Google form for scoring results:
google doc for form for scoring results:

Match Schedule

Planned schedule:
Many of you will note the afternoon did not match the plan. It gave us a good framework with which to work. We were creating this from nothing and next year will be even better. We've talked about making the schedule more flexible for those teams that need to leave earlier than others and for smaller or split teams to be able to participate. The first half would be similar to what we did. Each alliance plays one game and then we break up for strategizing. We'd like to do a better job having the alliances go off to discuss things together in order to create more cross-team discussions as well as strategy improvement. The second half of the afternoon needs to allow for a smaller number of participants due to departures and lack of interest. Not sure how this would work yet. Ideas?