2013 HPG Game Design Team


2 tables long sides together
8-10 chairs
markers, erasers
laptop - rule maker
extension cords
power strip
copies of rules
  • for each design team member - very important
  • head ref and score table as well

How did we do this?
someone (Karen) printed many copies of robot and game rules right after animation
quick read through of rules individually
talk with safety - any major issues that need to be addressed
game walk through - what are the main points
how to do the end game?
how to limit fast movement - for safety

2013 HPG Modified Rules
created during rule discussion by a student (Megan - PyroTech)


NC FRC HPG 2013 Modified Rules

  • Autonomous
    • Autonomous the robot cannot move across the center line
    • Autonomous 15 seconds
    • 2 or 3 Frisbees depending on if you want to move or not (2) yes (3) no
    • Must start touching the pyramid
    • Remain behind the line for three
    • Processional walk for pusher - feet together between each step
    • Fouls are three points given to the other team
    • Normal points
    • Cannot cross center line
    • Cannot climb tower
  • Tele-Operated
    • Pickup only from the ground by rider
    • Processional walk for pusher
    • If the Frisbees go through the slot, they will be returned by the Human Player
    • People will return Frisbees to the field
    • Climb, last 15 seconds, if earlier it does not count
    • Two people: One in chair, one pushing. One in chair must pick up feet cannot touch the ground unless for balance or safety
    • If it’s in the air at the end, it counts
    • No climbing towers
    • Cannot go inside of towers
    • Swivel chairs for robots
    • Pool noodle and string used to throw over bar to determine height reached- hold onto end of string
      • Backwards- more points
    • First level, not there / no points
    • Second level - 10 points
    • Third level - 30 (backwards) 20 (forward)
    • No touching any barriers
    • Cannot touch other robots when they are touching the pyramid
    • 10 disks on field, 2 that were supposed to be under the pyramid will be placed outside
    • If its hanging, it still counts
    • Disks may be fed in by human players only through slots, until the last 30 seconds, when they can be thrown over the slots
    • One Frisbee thrown at a time
    • 2 Frisbees fed in my human player at a time
    • Robot can only have 4 Frisbees at a time
    • Fouls
      • Butt on chair
      • Processional walk
      • No bumping on loader
      • No touching other robots when they are touching the towers
      • Cannot pin for more than 5 seconds
        • 6 feet away to undo a pin
        • To bring attention to a pin, the person will raise their hand and yell “pinned!”
          • Ref counts to 5 and tells person to back off
      • intentional bumping will end in a foul
      • No using feet to push, feet can be used to stabilize
    • No contact in safe zones (zone in own chair)
  • Human Players
    • 3 per team
    • One in each box to feed (2) One person will give them the Frisbees
    • Last 30 seconds, Human Players can attempt to score