2013 Scoring

  • 2 tables and 4-6 chairs
  • projector powered and ready to go - extension cords taped down, etc.
  • projector screen
  • scoring area clearly marked - no spectators in front of scoring station or within 10' (too distracting)
  • power available for multiple laptops
  • whiteboards, markers, erasers
  • flexible program created with Java prior to game - editable on-site
  • create scoring sheets for each match did not do in 2013 - probably good idea -
  • keep score for each team
  • printer - possibly used to print scores
  • do we want scores input onto wiki? would this information be useful? if so, need a dedicated couple of volunteers to document and make notes about each game - ie mentor game, make-up of alliances, etc.

Other Needs**
  • Understand points and scoring - need quick training from game design team