2013 Human Player Game (HPG)

following NC FRC Kick-off at Dorton Arena, Jan 5, 2013

250 students from 30 teams led by FRC Team PyroTech #3459 and volunteers from many teams participated in North Carolina's unique Human Player Game. The students and mentors spent the afternoon collaborating on strategy and game discovery by substituting humans for robots.

2013 Human Player Game NC FRC Kickoff           photo by Danny Levenson
2013 Human Player Game NC FRC Kickoff photo by Danny Levenson

2013 HPG Photos

Goals of Human Player Game 2013:

  • To provide a way for teams to get a better understanding of the rules of the 2013 game by playing it on a full sized field
  • To promote more discussion and community between FRC teams in NC

This year we had 250 students from 30 teams participate in the activity (16 teams in 2012) and we had some great volunteers for our on-the-fly creation of a game. Based on the response, it was a great success again this year.

Results of evaluations

*synopsis of results here - post full results on evaluations page which is linked above

For informational purposes, here's what we did. Feel free to add your comments/suggestions to the pages below.

HPG Binder - This document contains links to all of the google docs created during the preparation and playing of the 2013 Human Player Game in North Carolina on January 5, 2013.

Description of how the day played out and a link to all of the documents we used:
2013 Running a Human Player Game at Kick Off
2013 Human Player Game Documents

Debriefing comments of the process, what went well, what would make it go better next time. If you participated, add your suggestions here!
2013 Human Player Game Debrief

NOTE: If you participated in the 2013 Kick Off Human Player Game and did not turn in an evaluation form, please fill out the electronic survey.
2013 Printed HPG Evaluation
2013 Online Human Player Game Evaluation
2013 Online HPG Volunteer Survey

2013 Volunteers Needed
2013 HPG Volunteer Positions

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