NC FRC Teams Name Buttons

NCFRC teams button sample.png

Names are important when building a community! Wear a name button:
  • A team name button
  • Your name button from the Kick Off
  • Team PyroTech and the Chargerbots will be making name buttons for all teams (students, coaches and mentors) at the NC FRC Regional on Thursday of competition

If you would like to have name buttons in your team’s colors you can download a template, create your button page and bring printed copies of your name buttons (on 8 ½ x 11) to make into buttons at the Regional (see below).

If you have a 2 1/4" button maker and circle cutter from American Buttons and would be willing to lend it for button making or if you would like to help make buttons, please let Linda know:



Open office -- use 2.25 inch template

Photoshop -- use 2.25 inch template

Sample pages:
NCFRCTeams buttons
PyroTech name buttons
Cloud 9