Fundraising Ideas

These were some ideas shared at the Team Council meeting at kick off 2012 (January 7, 2012). Add more as you develop them or come across other ideas.
-Fried oreos-Using pancake batter, oreo's and a fryer, these are sold by the Swansboro (or Siler City?) team 2/$1. They estimated the return to be about .75 per unit sold.
-Funnel Cakes-Also suggested by the Swansboro (or Siler City?) team--use the fryer and funnel cake batter. Return can be between .85 and .95 per $$ spent. They sell them for $4 each.

Team 3459 sold original LED light bulbs various places including the local Whole Foods, a retirement community where we did a demo, on line and on a local business' email loop. We also had good results going door to door in the high end housing developments in the area.
One idea: if you go set up somewhere, take your minibot and pole and send the minibot up every time a lightbulb is sold.