Sample Competition Checklists

For some teams, checklists help things flow at competition. You can definitely do a competition without checklists but for those who like them, here are some sample checklists that veteran teams in NC have used.


Packing List
PyroTech 3459 Packing List - Extensive - this is a VERY extensive list developed over several years for PyroTech - we love spreadsheets so we sometimes get a bit carried away...

Food Plan
PyroTech, a community-based team, often travels with many families so we plan for food with that in mind -- thanks to great parental support we can offer meals to everyone -- inexpensive, a chance for families to reconnect and hear how things are going, minimal individual effort.
PyroTech 3459 Food Plan Sample for "Away" Competition -
PyroTech 3459 Food Plan Sample for "Home" Competition

Pit/Robot Checklists

Safety Checklist
PyroTech 3459 Safety checklist

Robot checklist
PyroTech 3459 Robot Prematch checklist

At the Competition

PyroTech 3459 Thursday SC schedule sample
PyroTech 3459 Friday SC schedule sample

Pit scouting
PyroTech 3459 Pit Scouting Sample 2013

Stand scouting
PyroTech 3459 Stand Scouting Sample

Alliance Scouting
PyroTech 3459 Alliance Forms for scouting